ECC is a calling plan that allows customers to call people in adjacent telephone exchanges without paying normal long distance charges. The plan also includes calls within 15 miles even if the exchanges are not adjacent. ECC calls require dialing the full 10-digit telephone number. ECC was created by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to minimize the costs for people needing to call schools, government offices, medical facilities, and other places of interest. These calls are now classified as local at a cost of $.05 per minute and are bulk billed on your phone statement showing total minutes used at the $.05 rate. You can receive an itemized billing of your ECC calls by calling us at 877-684-3346. There is a $3 per month charge for itemized billing.

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Baldwin, Hammond, and Woodville subscribers share the same EAS calling area and may dial each other direct without toll charges. Calls placed to communities within this EAS are included in your local telephone charges with zero charge. To call within this EAS area, dial all ten digits of the party you wish to call. Click here for EAS listings.
Click here for EAS listings.


Baldwin and Woodville ILEC subscribers normal long distance fees are charged at $0.05 per minute.

Hammond, Hudson, New Richmond, River Falls and Roberts CLEC subscribers normal long distance fees are charged at $0.05 per minute.  

Alaska/Hawaii/800 Rate     $0.09

Community Calling