How fast does your business run. We serve business clients of all sizes and types and provide a full menu of advanced business capabilities tailored to your specific needs, sure to help put your business in the fast lane. We are Western Wisconsin’s premiere resource for business communication technology, and your single source for customer sales, service and support. Use your existing equipment, or upgrade to our state-of-the-art voice, internet and networking systems. No matter if you need one line or multiple lines, 100 Mbps or 6 GIGs – our technology and service are second to none.

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Please take a look at the comprehensive list of our business services below, then give Fred Pesik a call to discuss your business communication needs at 715-688-1014.



With new lightning-fast packages — and full Gig service — you can be sure we have the horsepower to propel your business to wherever you need it to be. Our pioneering work in fiber optics also gives you unique insights and advantages, including a partnership that gives you immediate connectivity all around the world. You’ll also find our technology experts are skilled professionals at working closely with you and your IT team to ensure you harness the full speed and power of our unwavering technological excellence.


We set up unique static addresses for businesses running one or more servers, as well as those who need incoming video and audio services or run applications requiring external access. Static IP addresses never change, so employee computers and other devices always connect to the same address. Your dedicated account representative will help you determine if you are best served by one or multiple addresses, and whether any additional equipment is required.


Having a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) allows you to link two or more devices within your office complex and gives your employees the freedom to work anywhere within the coverage area while still being connected to the network and each other. We can also add connectivity coverage to include the Internet and any ethernet applications. Our wireless interface technology provides a new level of reliability and ease and we encourage businesses to adopt this productivity-enhancing advancement.


We have vast experience providing reliable Ethernet connections, including for Wide Area Network (WAN) applications. Baldwin LightStream NimBL NetworksTM clients take advantage of a more cost-effective and reliable way to support multi-site environments with high-speed connectivity from site to site. Using a transparent layer 1 Ethernet connection, we help businesses create streamlined LAN extensions and Internet connectivity, as well as improved business continuity and enhanced performance for data centers, storage, and convergence applications.


Precision TIme Protocol (PTP) synchronizes clocks across your computer network, overcoming latency and delay variations that can hinder Ethernet performance. Not only essential for business communications, PTP provides sub-microsecond accuracy that makes it an integral tool for precision control where an exactitude of measurements is integral to success and productivity.


Our NimBL NetworksTM helps protect businesses with state-of-the-art security systems tailored to your premises. Our DSC (Digital Security Controls) motion detectors, glass break monitors, and door contacts are expertly installed and serviced, with immediate 24/7/365 response. A world leader in electronic security, DSC offers revolutionary reliability and ease, giving NimBL NetworksTM residential and business customers ongoing peace of mind. Please contact us for more information or visit the link below for specific DSC product information. Click here to see our available DSC Security Systems.


The best phone system for you depends on your specific business needs. We’ll sit down with you to review your total usage, taking into account number of employees, offices, and locations, and the precise manner in which your employees use phones to conduct business. We’ll also account for growth and future plans and put emphasis on helping you make the most of your budget. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment and services ensure that we will provide the ideal solution to serve you. Baldwin LightStream offers the ultimate in crystal clear communications and seamless reliability, built on state-of-the-art equipment and 24/7/365 service.


We have the experience and hands-on expertise to help maintain and enhance business websites from the most simple to those with complex IT infrastructures. Our round-the-clock management ensures seamless website performance so you can focus on other aspects of your business. NimBL NetworksTM offer a comprehensive portfolio of hosting services, including network management, server and operating system optimization, custom storage, and security. Our cost-effective solutions are totally customized to customer needs, taking into account storage use, e-commerce, your preferred platform, and more. With the support and consultation of your dedicated account representative, you’ll be able confidently choose a plan that fits your Internet strategy and gives you the right tools to evolve your website and market your business.


When you or your employees are away or on another call, voicemail answers your calls and saves messages for retrieval at your convenience from any phone anywhere in the world. But you can also have messages delivered directly to email, including multiple addresses. Messages left on your telephone will generate an email with the subject line, "Voice Message from....." Simply click the voice message attachment to hear the message via your media player. Plus, you can save messages or delete them at will.


Interstate and international toll calls are strictly regulated so all Baldwin LightStream NimBL NetworksTM customers should be aware of the basic policies and rates affecting their service. When you make a toll call over our broadband network you are accepting terms and conditions, which include predetermined charges. Please review the links below for policy and rate information, and call us at 715-684-3346 for any additional information.
Click here for our Toll Call Policy.    Click here for our Toll Call Rates.


Our custom solutions harness all the tools you need to maximize communications and IT performance. In addition to the solutions listed above, we also offer these services and more:

  • Cable television services
  • Company domain email and employee email
  • Personal dashboard spam filter manager
  • Secure IT anti-virus/anti-malware software
  • Off-site data storage