Baldwin LightStream was an early adopter of fiber optics and we are dedicated to furthering the technological capabilities of our customers across St. Croix County. In 2002 we were recognized by the US Department of Agriculture for being the first independent telephone company in Wisconsin to deploy fiber-to-the-home technology in green field developments, an effort that supports smart products and enhances connection reliability.

In 2008 we began upgrading our copper facilities in our rural service areas and in 2010 we were awarded a $9 million federal grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to install fiber-optic cable in the underserved Town of Troy.

In 2014 we extended our fiber outreach to serve the City of New Richmond’s Health and Human Services location and we are currently adding fiber throughout the city to connect additional anchor businesses, an expansion will take us west to the St. Croix Crossing and provide a redundant fiber route to the Town of Hudson service area.

Through our commitment and powerful partnerships and associations, we have helped make St. Croix County an integral hub in the state’s developing fiber optics network and have become the go-to resource for companies looking for world-class communications capabilities.