Your privacy is safe with Baldwin LightStream. We employ the most advanced privacy protocols and will not share your information with anyone not listed on your account. Please call us at 877-684-3346 for more information.


Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is personal information stored and collected by Baldwin LightStream for billing and provisioning service. Protected information includes call detail, services, features subscribed to, and carrier selected. Non-protected information, because it is of public record, includes name, address, and phone number if published.

Baldwin LightStream diligently protects the privacy of your CPNI information, including use of a customer authentication process anytime you call or come to the office in need of protected information. Only the person or persons listed on the account can access your CPNI information. If you would like to provide additional access, you will need to call our office to make this express intent and it will be your decision with whom to share password and security information. Please call us at 877-684-3346 for more information.
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