High-Definition Viewing for an Exceptional Experience

Image of a family sitting on the couch in the living room watching football

Advanced Baldwin LightStream technology optimizes the great selection of digital programming. A growing number of channels and programs are also available in High-Definition (HD), an exceptional quality which our technology further enhances. Once you experience the thrill of HDTV, we are sure you will agree it takes home entertainment to an all-new level of excitement. We offer two levels of viewing options, both including HD channels*, specified below. Our representatives are experts at helping you maximize your entertainment dollars, and we encourage you to call us at 877-684-3346 for help determining the ideal viewing choice for you and your family.


$45.95/mo plus taxes and fees

  • Package includes 37 local channels, including local news and more!
  • Eau Claire Local News
    Twin City Local News
    and more!

Expanded Basic

$90.95/mo plus taxes and fees*

  • Package includes all Basic plan channels PLUS an additional 45+ Channels and 1 Set Top Box
  • AMC
    Bally Sports
    and more!
  • WatchTVEverywhere

Expanded Plus

$109.35/mo plus taxes and fees*

  • Package includes all Extended Basic channels PLUS an additional 45+ Channels and 1 Set Top Box
  • NFL Network
    Disney XD
    Bally Sport North Plus
    Destination America
    and more!
  • WatchTVEverywhere
  • Additional DTA Receivers: $1.95
  • Additional Set-Top Box: $4.95
  • DVR Per Receiver: $5.95
  • HBO and Cinemax: $26.95
  • HBO: $18.95
  • Showtime Unlimited: $15.95
  • Cinemax: $13.95
  • Starz!: $13.95

* Current Broadcast Surcharge Fee is $28.78.


This exciting entertainment option allows you to watch Baldwin LightStream programming anywhere you can connect to the internet – from your desktop, tablet, iPhone or android device. WatchTVEverywhere (WTVE) streams a huge selection of channels and programs to the device you choose, whether you’re lounging on the deck, traveling through an airport, or staying at a hotel. Simply login to watchtveverywhere.com and select Baldwin LightStream as your provider and you’ll have a world of entertainment at your service. Please note you will need your account number and correct billing name from your Baldwin LightStream account. Once registered and your WTVE connection is established, you will be able to browse from available WTVE programming. Available content will vary as more networks and programming are coming online daily. Please call us at 877-684-3346 for more information.

Over-The-Top Streaming

At Baldwin LightStream we are dedicated to providing our customers with the breakthrough technologies they want in their lives. Our blazing new speeds make streaming internet content through your television easier and better than ever and we’re always exploring new ways to enhance your experience. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime give you thousands of streaming channels through a wireless connection and a small set-top device such as Roku or Apple TV. Please call us at 877-684-3346 for help determining the ideal package and streaming device for you.