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Introducing NimBL Networks™ from Baldwin LightStream, an all-new approach to internet, streaming and programming. All NimBL speed packages offer amazing speed upgrades for much, much less! NimBL allows you to connect and stream your internet content and programming fast and effortlessly. See our speeds and pricing packages below.

To learn more about NimBL Networks, contact your Baldwin LightStream customer service representative at 715-684-3346.

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Whole-Home Coverage

Certified Wi-Fi 6 reaches farther and faster. Take your Wi-Fi experience beyond the walls of your home with Baldwin LightStream’s Managed Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi 6 certified
Internet Wi-Fi floorplan

Built for the modern home

Connect 100+ wireless devices without affecting your network.

Improved Battery Life for your devices.

Notifies when devices are on standby, matching connection needs so Wi-Fi won’t drain the battery.

No More Bandwidth Wars

It helps prioritize connections to ensure a smoother experience for all devices.

No More Lag

Smoother streaming, faster downloads, and improved gaming and video conferencing.

Eliminate Dead Spots

Welcome to the connected backyard gardens with managed home Wi-Fi.

ExperienceIQ from Baldwin LightStream

Set the rules for sites like YouTube, TikTok, and games like Roblox and Minecraft. Manage screen time and monitor websites and apps across all your family’s connected devices. Simple.

Included with all NimBL IQ Networks.

Control Features

  • Wi-Fi Devices
  • Custom Settings
  • Screen Time Limits
  • Usage & History
  • Safe Search
  • Content Filtering
  • Preset Off Times
  • Pause
  • Bedtimes
  • Device & Activity Priorities

ProtectIQ Network Security from Baldwin LightStream

Network Security - Your devices are important to your life. ProtectIQ is your 24/7 internet watchman. With multi-layered protection, even your most vulnerable devices like smart TVs, thermostats, and Wi-Fi cameras are protected before issues happen. ProtectIQ puts a shield between your devices and bad actors, stopping threats before they ever make it to your devices.

Contact us to add to your package for just $9.95/mo today!

No Equipment Required

ProtectIQ is integrated in your Wi-Fi router and use in the Baldwin LightStream app.

24/7 Support

As part of the Baldwin LightStream Wi-Fi service, we’re here for you if you need us.

Network Security

ProtectIQ is whole home network security made easy.

Secures the most vulnerable

From thermostats, cameras, smart TVs, and baby monitors.

Viruses, Malware, & Intrusions

ProtectIQ is constantly hunting for bad actors and stopping them at the front.

Updated Daily

World-class cyber security that is updated daily to keep you safe.

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