WI State Telecommunications Foundation (WSTF) Scholarship Winners


Each December, local telephone companies and cooperatives participating in the WSTF scholarship program approach high schools in their serving areas looking for potential scholarship winners. Counselors submit student applications to the local telephone company, which in turn forwards them to the Foundation. A WSTF panel reviews each application and selects the finalists based on applicants' grades, academic achievements and extra-curricular activities.

The Foundation is part of the WI State Telecommunications Association (WSTA), which is a trade organization representing more than 65 Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers.

2018 Tyler T. Mentink Baldwin LightStream $1,500
2017 Mitchell T. Knegendorf Baldwin LightStream $1,500
2016 Hannah J. Addyman Baldwin LightStream $1,500
2014 Micheala M. Slind Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2013 Hannah K. Borgeson Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2012 John P.E. Rumpel Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2011 Jordan R. Johnson Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2010 Morgan A. Benoy Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2009 Kayla M. Wagner Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2008 Reid T. Anderson Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2007 Julie C. Hanson Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2006 Derek K. Peterson Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2005 Patrick G. Kusilek Baldwin Telecom $1,500
2003 Logan J. Kimberly Baldwin Telecom $1,500
1997 Christopher B. Heebink Baldwin $1,500
1968 Douglas Randunzel Baldwin $500