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Important Notice
Since 6/13/2009 TV stations nationwide have been required to broadcast in a digital format. At that time Baldwin LightStream elected to continue to provide an analog signal as well.
Now that most of our customers have upgraded their television sets we will no longer provide an analog signal. Last January we completed the first phase of the digital upgrade. In January 2016 we will complete the final phase.
This upgrade may affect your service. If you have a HDTV* and notice a black screen, you will need to reprogram/rescan your HDTV*. If you do NOT have a HDTV* you will need to stop by our office and get a DTA (digital TV adapter). *HDTV with a QAM Tuner.
When this upgrade is complete, all of our programming will be in digital format.

Welcome To Baldwin LightStream

Our company has a proud heritage of moving communications forward. In 1900 as Baldwin Telephone Exchange we introduced the region to modern communications. As BTI - Baldwin Telecom - we made St. Croix County the only metro county with full gig service. Today as Baldwin LightStream we are part of a world-wide fiber optics network that gives our customers this region’s most decided technological edge. We’ll also continue to provide the friendly, hometown service no other provider can match.

At Baldwin LighStream we invest in the communities we serve. Our technicians and customer service reps are your neighbors, dedicated to your satisfaction. We also provide scholarships to area students and give widely to support people in need. We were the first independent provider in Wisconsin to deploy Fiber-To-The-Home technology, ensuring our customers world-class communications right at home.

Looking Forward

    * Advancement in Fiber Optic Technology
    * Focus on building stronger communities
    * Expanding Bundled services to rural areas
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